2020 Hollard Calendar
Even before 2020’s unprecedented path, we knew this year would be a big one at Hollard. 2020 is our 40th birthday year, a chance to look back at the journey we’ve walked, to where we are now.

But it was less about being nostalgic and more about looking forward – through the 20/20 vision that four decades has given us. It’s about gaining perspective and insight – looking back in a way that empowers us to march forward. So, we made it our goal to create a touchpoint that celebrates this history, lending a little helping hand to our close networks throughout the year.
The solution? The Hollard Diary and Desk blotter range, an eagerly awaited promotional item. Our sought-after annual range was given to our partners, brokers, suppliers and Hollardites celebrating our important milestone.

As the 2020 pandemic shook the world, we’re proud that these tangible testaments to Hollard’s evolution could bring a little light and structure to people’s lives. It lives on, as an extension of our brand.

Hollard has a long-standing relationship with the arts. That’s why we sought out to celebrate this moment through art. We knew the solution lay in our relationship with Artist Proof Studio (APS). They focus on printmaking to build the capacity of people to reach self-actualisation and make a difference in society.

Their mission is perfectly aligned with ours: to create a Better Future for South Africans. Collaborating with APS, the Hollard Studio commissioned 16 artists to each create a piece of work inspired by the idea of gaining perspective. They say that “hindsight is 20/20 vision”.

Working predominantly with purple, our brand colour, each artist set about capturing this theme. The 16 resulting artworks are a multifaceted celebration of the road we’ve taken, each looking at perspective from unique points of view. Each artist also created 40 original limited-edition prints of each artwork, available for sale, and further enabling livelihoods

Artworks - Artists from Artist Proof Studio 

Video & Photography - Blackfly TTL

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