The Find Remy campaign formed part of a series of internal staff communications in 2015. In this campaign, we teamed up with Immelman & Vrou, to help recreate our head office into a 'Where's Wally' styled illustration. Remy was an internal mascot that we used for some staff communcations, he acted as the voice of Regent during a period of changes in the organisation. The office space was still in the process of being refurbished, we worked closely with the developers and interior designers to get drawings of the space and make sure the illustration would match the final outcome. The competition involved staff to find Remy on the posters printed A0 and installed around the campus, they snap a shot of Remy and sent an email to be in the draw of winning a prize. Also hidden in the illustration was actual members of staff who we worked closely with the illustrators to get their nuances incorporated in their characters. 

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